Pre Matrimonial Investagation

Hire Professional Private Investigators for Pre Matrimonial Investigation. Get all the required details of bride, groom and their families with the help of Private Detectives Hyderabad. We are the Best Private Detective Agency to find out details about your future wife or husband through surveillance. Investigative Services are provided not only in India, but also across the world.

Adult Cases

Hire a Private Detective Agency to learn more about your girlfriend/boyfriend. Being in a wrong relationship can affect your life. We have a team of highly Experienced Private Detectives, Investigators and Officers to carry out Surveillance. Parents who want to know the whereabouts of their kids can approach our Private Investigative Agency. Get complete character check done through our agency.

Under Cover Operations

Private Detectives Hyderabad has highly Professional Spy Agents and Undercover Detectives to solve a case as an Undercover Operation. Surveillance is carried out in a highly confidential manner leaving no hint to the target person. For our service, we have been rated among the Best Detective Agency in India. Undercover Operations include, Spying on the Target, Shadowing and Tracking.

Post Matrimonial Investagation

We provide Post Matrimonial Investigation Services with the help of Post- Matrimonial Detectives who help in collecting all the necessary information. Information includes Salary, Friends Circle, Extra Relationships or any Unwanted Activities. We promise to provide Best Detective Services for your Investigation. Any misunderstandings between the couple can be sorted out with the help of our Private Detective Agency.

Video & Aduio Surveillance

Any case that requires Video or Audio Proof why conducting a surveillance can be made possible by our Experienced Detective Agents, who record videos or audios through spy cameras, pen cameras etc to submit as proofs in the future. Sometimes pictures are also taken by constant tracking of the target and their daily activities.

Missing Person tracing

If the Missing Person is a family member or well known Criminal, Our Best Private Detectives are capable of tracking the missing person. Our Experienced and Professional Detective Team Investigates the case thoroughly and solves the case. Take our Investigation Services and find best results. Social media platforms, posters and advertisements will also be used in the process of solving the case, depending on the time available.


Shadowing means to follow the target and noting down all their details. Private Detectives Hyderabad provides Best Detectives for Shadowing carefully without the target knowing about the action. During this Process, Details and Other Information is Recorded including the Daily Activities. The agency's sincere Team of Detectives carry the Investigation without any third person Involvement or Interference.

Cheating & Theft Cases

With the help of experts, all the cheating or theft cases are solved. Our number of clientele in the past years shows our success rate. Husband cheating his wife or vice versa or a theft in any area/locality, can be easily solved by Private Detectives. We are a Private Investigation Agency, with more than 25 years of Experience in Investigating and Solving any type of Case's.

Spy On Teenagers

A parent who wants to keep an Third Eye on their teenage children can reach Private Detective Agencies who will make their work easier. Private Investigation Agencies will Spy on the girl/guy without letting them know they Real Identity. Depending on the Information Parents want, Spying is carried out for a particular time period. During this time period, every action is noted and parents are cautioned against any wrong path their children are in.

Background Check

The background check could include the background of an employee, the background of a family or in general if anyone would like to know about someone else. These verifications can be easily done by our professional detectives. Information could be collected in the form of certificates, documents or audio recordings of friends or colleagues. Before appointing an employee or before marrying someone, it is always better to get a good background check done.

Pre/Post Employment Check

This requires Highly Experienced Private Investigators to figure out the Pre/Post Employment Verification. Keeping an Third Eye on the Employee by becoming a part in them, Understanding and Constantly Observing his Actions, Tracking his Social Life and Social Media Networking to understand if the employee is revealing details to the opposing company is very crucial and important. Hence, on behalf of the owner of the firm, we detective agency officials carry out the work.

Asset Verification

When a Client is not sure about his Asset/Property Documents, they wish to approach an Private Investigative Agency for their Verification to be done. Our Private Investigators look into all the Documents, Legal Procedures and the Necessary Verifications making it easier for the Clients. In certain cases, when the name of the owner of the asset is not clear, even in such cases our agency helps in finding out the real owner of that property.

Any Court Case

Very often, Court Cases take very long to get the Decision, but even before approaching the court there are lot of procedures to complete. But the most important point for a Court Case is Evidence. No court accepts a case without Valid Proof. Providing valid proofs for any kind of case is the duty of our Private Detective Agency. We collect valid proofs that can be submitted to the court for e.g. Video Recordings, Fingerprints, Audio Clips, Documented Proofs, etc...

Company Profile check

Before Merging with any Company, Private Detectives help you with the Complete Company Profile details including Trading Details, Ownership, Accounts - Profit Loss Statements, Shares and Stocks etc. Also, get to know the information about the Company's Assets, the work style of that firm in its field, whether the organization is insured or if it is suffering heavy loss. These details make it easier to have any sort of relation between two Companies.

Spy On Employees

Business run because of its Employees. Success of the company is determined by its Workers. But sometimes, there might be someone working for the competitor Secretly. This might prove to be a huge risk to the company, which means keeping an Third Eye on the Employees is a must. Private Detective Agency uses Latest Technology and Other Software to observe every action of the Employee On or Off Duty.

Fingerprint Verifications

Forensic Department often requires Experts who can collect the Fingerprints from the Crime Scene. This task is undertaken by the Experienced Private Investigative Agents of our Agency to carefully collect all the Fingerprints. After collecting the Fingerprints, the Agency has to match the Collected Fingerprints with the Database. Since, this task has been given to the Private Detective Agency, it is easier for Forensic Department to Solve the Case even more Faster and Easier.

Ethical Hacking

Accessing other individuals computer without their knowledge is Ethical Hacking. Sometimes it becomes a must Especially when it is a matter of Government Details Security or Someone's Life. Private Detective Agency provide the most Experienced Ethical Hackers with proper license, who will help in stopping a crime to take place.

Certificates Check

Any Certificates like Birth or Death Certificates, Policy Certificates, Educational or Nationality Certificates can be Checked and Verified thoroughly to avoid future troubles in the Legal Matters. Hiring us can be Beneficial so that all the Government Certificates or Certificates Produced by the Employee can be Checked for Originality. This is a very important to task because a Fake Certificate could lead you to Jail.

Moblie Tracking

Private Detectives Hyderabad has very a large network which makes it easier to access to any requirement of the client and fulfill it. The fact that most of the population uses a mobile, it is easier to Trace Someone with the help of a Mobile. Every Call Detail, Messages, Photos etc.. almost everything can be Accessed Using Mobile Tracking and this helps the Government to Stop any Planning Plotting against the Country or lets a couple know about each other even when they are not together.

Bug Sweeping

Increase in the rivalry among Businesses, has lead to use of many mal practices like Bugging. Tapping or bugging has become a common practice by even most of the Big Companies. Clients who come to us can be rest assured, that our Private Detectives will Trace and Remove any kinds of Bugs from their Homes, Workplaces & Vehicles. We also make our Clients aware of the Tactics to find out about Hidden Bugs in Changing Rooms or Private Bathrooms.

Cyber Crime

Now that Cyber Crimes have increased at a rapid rate. Private Detectives Hyderabad protects its clients from being victims of Cyber Crime, Including Stalking or being prone to any kind of Cheating. What makes us unique is that we have Cyber Crime Experts who can Trace and Solve such cases in no time. They also Trace the Location of the Criminal Engaging in such Activities.

Spy Mobile Applications

Meant for Safety of the Family, this helps Children from not Accessing to any Unwanted Sites and also allows Parents to keep a Track of what the Child Watches on the Internet. This helps them to Protect their children from joining any harmful groups. Our detective agency provides such mobile applications, which once installed can be hidden in the background not letting anyone know about the app and its function.

System Spy Software

The buyer can Record Every Information, History and Activity that happens on a Computer. This surveillance helps a Parent to look after their Child and an Employer to Look after the Actions of his Employee. Our System Spy Software is an Advance Model with all the necessary features in it like the Parental Controls, Keeping Track of all the history and Sent or Received Mails.

Spy Cameras

These are Small Devices used generally in Surveillance to keep an Third Eye on the target throughout so as to Record Every Action. These are generally Hidden in Pen, Shirt Buttons, Watches etc.. so that a Common Man would not get any Doubt of being Captured. Choose Private Detectives Hyderabad to get diverse range of Spy Cameras which act as an accessory rather than a Spy Camera.


These are also Surveillance Devices that are Capable of Pointing a Location of the object being Tracked on the Map. When the Target is a Suspicious Person. Trackers can be Used to Find their Exact Location. High Quality yet Small in Size Trackers are Available with us to Track anyone & anywhere.